MF 455 Tractor: A Comprehensive Guide

MF 455 Tractor: A Comprehensive Guide

The MF 455 tractor, a remarkable member of the Massey Ferguson family, has been creating a buzz in the farming community. Renowned for its outstanding performance and streamlined design, it has become a leading choice for farmers across the globe. Find top-rated MF 455 tractor dealers in Pakistan to experience this amazing machine.

Background of Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey Ferguson, the company behind the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor, has a rich history OF producing high-quality machinery. It’s a name that has become synonymous with reliable and hardworking farm equipment.

Tractors in Pakistan’s Agricultural Landscape

In Pakistan, tractors are more than mere machinery – they’re a vital part of the agricultural lifestyle, significantly boosting the nation’s farming productivity. Experience this firsthand with the unmatched Massey Ferguson 455 tractor performance, playing its part in shaping the country’s agricultural landscape.

Key Features of Massey Ferguson 455 Tractor

Regarding features, the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor certainly doesn’t disappoint. Let’s explore some of its key attributes.

Engine and Power

The Massey Ferguson 455 tractor engine is a powerhouse, providing high torque even at low speeds. This robust machine, a true beast of burden, is crafted to tackle the most challenging agricultural duties effortlessly.

Durability and Reliability

The Massey Ferguson 455 tractor’s durability is a remarkable characteristic, ensuring it remains reliable over the years. Constructed for longevity, this tractor consistently offers top-notch performance, making it a wise investment for farmers who value the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor durability.

Operational Efficiency

The Massey Ferguson 455 tractor is known for enhancing farm productivity while reducing costs, thanks to its fuel efficiency of MF 455 tractor and intuitive controls. Its ‘easy-to-maintain MF 455 tractor‘ design further adds to its appeal among farmers.

Comparison between MF 440 and MF 455 Tractors

Maximum power (HP / kW)82 KM (61.1 kW)100 KM (74.6 kW)
Fuel typeDieselDiesel
Engine modelPerkins P4000Perkins 1104.4C
Battery (V)12 V12 V
PTO rpm540 rpm540 rpm
PTO controlManualManual
Brake typedisc brakes, wet brakesdisc brakes, wet brakes, hydraulic
Forward Gears812
Reverse Gears24
Weight2,620 kg4070 kg

Massey Ferguson 455 Tractor Price in Pakistan

One of the most important factors for any prospective buyer is the price. So, what does the Massey Ferguson tractor price in Pakistan?

Factors Influencing the Price

Several factors affect tractor MF prices in Pakistan, including import costs, taxes, and market demand.

Financing Options for MF 455 Tractor in Pakistan

If you’re searching for a reliable MF 455 tractor for sale in Pakistan, you’ll be pleased to know that affordable options are available. Authorized dealers offer the Massey Ferguson 455 at competitive prices, and to make it even more accessible, they also provide financing options. This means that potential buyers can explore different payment plans to facilitate their purchase of the MF 455 tractor.

Tips for buying MF 455 Tractor

Before you buy the MF Tractor, there are several things you should consider.

Where to Buy

If you’re searching for top-rated MF 455 tractor dealers in Pakistan, you’ll find a variety of options available. From official dealerships to online marketplaces, there are numerous avenues to explore. These reputable dealers offer the best MF 455 tractor deals in Pakistan, allowing you to find competitive prices and attractive offers while purchasing your desired tractor model.

Things to Look for When Buying

When considering the purchase of an Massey Ferguson tractor 455, it is essential to prioritize certain aspects. Focus on the durability of the tractor, examining its condition, service history, and potential signs of issues. Take your time during the process to guarantee that you invest in a reliable machine worth your money. Additionally, inquire about the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor warranty to ensure proper coverage and peace of mind.

Pros and Cons MF 455 Tractor

High power and performanceCost may be a consideration for some buyers
Durability and reliabilitySpecific features may vary based on the model
Versatility for various farming operationsAvailability of spare parts in certain regions


The MF 455 tractor is a powerful and efficient machine well-suited for Pakistani farmers. Its reasonable price, reliability, and performance make it a valuable addition to any farm. However, before buying, compare it with other models, consider total costs, and explore financing options. Check the on-road price, specifications, warranty, and fuel efficiency. Read user reviews and choose reputable dealers for the best deals. Learn about maintenance and spare parts availability. The Massey Ferguson 455 tractor is highly regarded in Lahore and Pakistan for its affordability, reliability, and fuel efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the fuel capacity of the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor?

The MF 455 tractor boasts an ample fuel tank, enabling prolonged operation without frequent refueling, although the precise capacity may vary based on the model’s specifications.

How does the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor compare to other models in its class?

Renowned for its impressive power, durability, and operational efficiency, the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor excels. However, your ideal tractor choice will ultimately hinge upon your requirements and budgetary considerations.

Where can I find spare parts for the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor in Pakistan?

Spare parts for the Massey Ferguson 455 are typically found at authorized Massey Ferguson dealerships and various online marketplaces.

What is the horsepower of the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor?

The MF 455 tractor offers impressive horsepower, making it suitable for heavy-duty farming tasks. The exact horsepower may vary slightly depending on the specific model.

Is the MF 455 tractor suitable for small-scale farming?

With its versatility, the MF 455 tractor proves to be a reliable choice for diverse farming operations, whether small-scale or large-scale.

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People Also Asked

What is the price of the MF 455 tractor in Pakistan?

The price of the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor in Pakistan can be obtained from authorized dealers or their websites.

Where can I buy the MF 455 tractor in Pakistan?

You can purchase the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor in Pakistan from authorized dealerships or through their online platforms.

What are the specifications of the MF 455 tractor?

For detailed specifications of the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor, please refer to the official website or contact authorized dealers.

Can the MF 455 tractor be used for heavy-duty work?

Yes, the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor is suitable for heavy-duty work due to its powerful engine and robust design.

Does the MF 455 tractor come with a warranty?

Yes, the Massey Ferguson 455 tractor is backed by a warranty for your peace of mind.

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