Pakistan Kinnow Export 2020 will be Higher than Previous Years

Pakistan is one of the leading producers of Kinnow in the world. This country has one of the most favourable weather conditions to produce the best quality Kinnow mandarin. Citrus fruit is a major crop of tropical and sub-tropical regions like Pakistan. It requires a suitable climate for quality production.

Pakistan Kinnow Export is rising and this will open new gates for Pakistani fruit trade. Each year Pakistan exports over a million tons of kinnow in the international market. Pakistan mostly targets the Russian Market. 

Pakistani Kinnow has the best taste among other citrus fruits. Pakistani exporters are trying to increase its production and export to other countries as well as the people’s republic of China. This year Kinnow export target is way higher than in previous years. Pakistan export target in 2020 will be around 370 million tons of kinnow.

Kinnow orange is one of the dominant cultivated fruit in the plain of the Punjab, Pakistan and it is supporting overall Pakistani exports. Being a citrus crop, citrus is more vulnerable to changing the environment and its physical and biochemical quality. The Quality of Kinnow depends upon the behaviour of weather around the year in Pakistan. 

Increase in 2020 Kinnow Export

Pakistan in 2020 has touched the highest export volume of Kinnow Mandarin fresh fruit, that is up to 370 million tons. This quantity of Kinnow values around US$ 222 million in the international market without any issues of quality. These export credentials are way higher than export in 2018 -2019. 2020 has presented the most favourable weather conditions for Kinnow yielding. This means Kinnow exporters are going to get benefits in this year export. 

Pakistan is arranging new relations with shipping companies so it can lower the cost of shipping as well. Other than that, Pakistan is also building some new research institute in agricultural university for agricultural research. In these institutes, new ways to increase Mandarin shelf life will be discovered.

Pakistan Kinnow Export

In previous years more quantity of Kinnow fruits deteriorated because of rough weather. Just in 2019 only 12 – 14% of total Kinnow production was exported and the rest consumed domestically. This year the situation is reversed. This year’s condition has increased Kinnow production in Pakistan, and more fruit will be exported. 

Pakistan Kinnow export is going to increase by 125,000 tons.

Pakistan Mandarin orange export will increase by 125,000 tonnes from December 2020 till to date of end season rate of almost $500 per ton. Government has fixed the Kinnow export target at 475,000 tons for this season. This season has high hope for Pakistan Kinnow export, which will conclude in March/April.

The Kinnow export target will achieve its potential if rains do not destroy the crop of mandarin orange. Smooth weather will provide more yield and goods if the carriers’ movement remains smooth. Pakistan exported 375,000 tonnes of kinnow mandarin worth $200 million US in 2019. This year, Pakistan will bulk exports the citrus fruit mainly to Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the UAE.

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