Types of Mandarin Orange in Pakistan

Citrus fruits are the 2nd most grown fruit in the world. In Pakistan, it has its position at number one. Being a winter fruit, it is eaten worldwide and each region has their specialities. Pakistan is one of those countries whose soil is most preferable to grow this fruit especially Mandarin oranges.

More than 90% of the citrus fruit crop in Pakistan is produced in Punjab. The major reason behind this fact is that Punjab has the most preferable climate for orange fruit. Most citrus fruits that are grown in Pakistan have easy to peel skin. Citrus trees in Pakistan needed to be grazed continuously. 

Pakistani Mandarin can also be phrased as citrus reticulata because of its mildly sweet taste. Pakistan offers a different variety of mandarins. Mandarins growing has become a proper profession in Pakistan and now farmers are looking forward to growing mandarin hybrids. 

Mandarins trees in Pakistan are grazed properly and provide citrus unshiu at a major level. That is the only reason that deep orange-red flavour pops out in Pakistani Mandarins. To clementine mandarins, Pakistani farmers use alternate bearing techniques.

Pakistan Major Citrus Producing Areas

As we discussed before that major quantity of Citrus in Pakistan comes from Punjab. But, there are many other areas as well where farmers cultivate orange farms. So, all the regions in Pakistan where this fruit is grown are given below with different mandarin orange recipes. 

City Province
Districts of SargodhaPunjab 
Districts of SukkurSindh

Types of Citrus Fruit

Pakistan is gifted with the most ideal weather conditions to grow citrus fruits. That is the only reason that a different hybrid of mandarin is offered by Pakistan. Citrus trees get proper nourishment at Pakistani Soil. Pakistan has these following Citrus fruit to offer for trade.


Grapefruit is a type of citrus fruit that is grown in Pakistan, It has a very citrusy taste. Mostly this citrus fruit is used as a refreshing drink. It is a king tangor that is grown on the gulf coast and is nearly seedless. It has bright orange-red flesh. To get citrus unshiu, there is a proper procedure and time taking.


  • Mash Seedless
  • Duncan
  • Foster 
  • Shambar
  • Blood orange


Mandarin from Pakistan is one of the highest quality. It is also known as Kinnow Mandarin. Pakistan is one of few countries whose Mandarin Kinnow is sweeter in taste. It is a vastly growing citrus in Pakistan. 

Mandarin orange nutritions is off the chart. Pakistani farmers are growing mandarin oranges from ages. Mandarin orange fruits have lots of versatility. Pakistan also ships canned mandarin oranges. To grow mandarin a farmer needs a proper area.  There are various hybrids of mandarin that other countries are growing. 


  • Fewtrells Early
  • Kinnow
  • Dancy tangerines

Sweet Orange

It is one of those Citrus fruits that are known because of their sweeter taste. In Pakistan, it is known by the name of Mosambi. During late fall, sweet oranges become way more flavorful. Its citrus reticulata is way more pungent.  It also comes in varieties of mandarin.


  • Musambi
  • Washington’s navel
  • Red blood
  • Succri 
  • Jaffa
  • Ruby Red
  • Valencia late

Sour Oranges

It is one of the most commonly grown citrus fruits in Pakistan. Due to its bitter taste, it is also known as the Bitter orange. It has powerful citrus nobilis. Orange peels are quite thin and easy to take off. 


  • Seville orange
  • Sour Orange
  • Marmalade orange
  • Bigarade orange


This Citrus fruit has a rich flavour. Its taste is way more citrusy like a lemon. It has green skin which is hard to peel. There are few areas of Pakistan where you can find lime that has a sweet flavour. It is also known as the rough lemon type. 


  • Key lime 
  • Bartender lime
  • Omani lime
  • Sweet Indian lime
  • Kagzi lime

These are one of the main types of citrus fruits that are cultivated in Pakistan. Other than these there are some less popular citrus fruit types. All these types are mostly grown in Sargodha District. 

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