Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan: Price

Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan: Price

Tractors are essential in farming as they help farmers do many jobs more efficiently. One brand that’s well-known and liked by farmers in Pakistan is Massey Ferguson. Massey Ferguson tractor prices in Pakistan vary based on the model, specifications, spare part availability, and market competition. To buy one, explore authorized dealerships, compare Massey Ferguson tractor price in Pakistan and features, and consider financing options. Massey Ferguson tractors are popular and reliable, making them a preferred choice for farmers in Pakistan.

What is the Massey Ferguson Tractor?

Massey Ferguson tractors have been around since 1953 when Massey Harris and Ferguson tractors joined forces. They have become a trusted brand among farmers all over the world. These tractors are made to do many farm jobs like plowing, digging, planting, harvesting, and moving things around. They have strong engines, sound hydraulic systems, and straightforward controls, making them great for challenging farm work.
Massey Ferguson tractors work well and last a long time. They have cool features like four-wheel drive, power steering, and comfy cabins to make the person driving them feel comfortable and get more work done. Whether you have a small farm or a big one, there’s a Massey Ferguson tractor that’s right for you.

Massey Ferguson Price List in Pakistan 2023

Tractor NameModel YearHPDimensionOld price in PkrNew Price in Pkr
MF 240202350 HP2WD1,894,0001,894,000
MF 260202360HP2WD2,075,0002,185,000
MF 290202378HP2WDN/A2,100,000
MF 350202360HP2WD2,195,0002,307,000
MF 360202360HP4WD3,140,0003,222,000
MF 375202375 HP2WD2,766,0002,885,000
MF 375202375HP4WD3,730,0003,823,000
MF 385202385HP2WD2,860,0002,992,000
MF 385202385HP4WD3,788,0003,902,000
MF 360202360HP2WD2,195,0002,307,000

Factors That Affect Massey Ferguson Tractor Prices in Pakistan

A few things can make the prices of Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan go up or down.

Demand and Supply

If many people want to buy tractors but need to be more available, the prices might increase.

Currency Exchange Rates

Sometimes, the value of money in Pakistan compared to the funds used in the countries where tractors are made can change. If the Pakistani money becomes weaker, the tractors may become more expensive.

Import Duties and Taxes

The government charges extra taxes when tractors are brought into Pakistan from other countries. These taxes can make the tractors more expensive.

Inflation and Economic Conditions

If things become more expensive or the economy is not doing well, tractor prices may also increase.

Model and Features

Tractors can have different models and unique things that they can do. Tractors with more advanced technology and excellent features usually cost more than basic ones.


When many different brands of tractors are available in Pakistan, they compete. Sometimes, this competition can lower the prices, or they may have special offers to attract customers.

Government Policies and Subsidies

The government can make rules or give discounts to help farmers buy tractors. These rules and discounts can make tractors more affordable for farmers.

Maintenance and After-Sales Services

Tractors need regular maintenance, and sometimes parts must be replaced. If it’s easy to find these things and they don’t cost too much, it can improve the prices of tractors for everyone.

Specification of Massey Ferguson Tractors List

ModelHP RangeEngine TypeTransmissionPTO PowerWeight (kg)Price Range (PKR)
MF-24050-55Perkins 2.5L, 3-Cyl8 Forward, 2 Reverse40 HP1,9601,400,000 – 1,600,000
MF-26060-65Perkins 3.152, 3-Cyl8 Forward, 2 Reverse50 HP2,0651,600,000 – 1,800,000
MF-37575-85Perkins 4.41, 4-Cyl8 Forward, 2 Reverse67 HP2,3052,000,000 – 2,200,000
MF-38585-95Perkins 4.41, 4-Cyl8 Forward, 2 Reverse75 HP2,4152,200,000 – 2,400,000
MF-385 4WD85-95Perkins 4.41, 4-Cyl8 Forward, 2 Reverse75 HP2,6102,400,000 – 2,600,000
MF-385 4WD Turbo105-110Perkins 4.41, 4-Cyl8 Forward, 2 Reverse85 HP2,6402,600,000 – 2,800,000
MF-46095-105Perkins 6.354, 6-Cyl12 Forward, 4 Reverse80 HP3,1003,000,000 – 3,200,000
MF-470105-115Perkins 6.354, 6-Cyl12 Forward, 4 Reverse90 HP3,1953,200,000 – 3,400,000
MF-480115-125Perkins 6.354, 6-Cyl12 Forward, 4 Reverse100 HP3,2253,400,000 – 3,600,000
MF-490125-135Perkins 6.354, 6-Cyl12 Forward, 4 Reverse110 HP3,3203,600,000 – 3,800,000

Here are some popular models and Massey tractor prices in Pakistan.

Massey Ferguson MF 240

Massey Ferguson Mf 240

The MF 240 is a widely used model in Pakistan. It has a 50 horsepower (HP) engine and is suitable for various farming tasks. The approximate price of the MF 240 is around PKR 1,200,000 to PKR 1,350,000.

Massey Ferguson MF 385

The MF 385 is another popular model known for its durability and versatility. It has an 85 HP engine and can handle heavy-duty agricultural tasks. The price of the MF 385 ranges from approximately PKR 1,650,000 to PKR 1,850,000.

Massey Ferguson Mf 385

Massey Ferguson MF 260

Massey Ferguson Mf 260

The MF 260 is a reliable and efficient tractor model with a 60 HP engine. It is suitable for various farming operations and is known for its durability. The price of the MF 260 varies from around PKR 1,300,000 to PKR 1,450,000.

Massey Ferguson MF 375

The MF 375 is a robust and powerful tractor model commonly used in Pakistan. It features a 75 HP engine designed to handle demanding agricultural tasks. The approximate price of the MF 375 is between PKR 1,550,000 and PKR 1,750,000.

Massey Ferguson Mf 375

Want to learn more about Massey Ferguson’s Tractors’ Latest Prices Visit FM Tractors

Where to Buy Massey Ferguson Tractors in Pakistan?

You can buy Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan from unique shops called authorized dealerships. These shops sell machines and tools for farming. Here are a few places where you can find Massey Ferguson tractors:

Millat Tractors Limited:

This company makes and sells Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan. They have many shops all over the country.

Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited:

Another company that sells Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan. They have many different models of tractors to choose from.

Related Ads List Massey Ferguson Tractor

This famous store in Pakistan sells all kinds of farming machines, including Massey Ferguson tractors.

Local Dealerships:

Apart from the big companies mentioned above, smaller shops in different cities and towns in Pakistan sell Massey Ferguson tractors. You can search online or ask farmers in your area to help you find a shop near you.

Tips for Maintaining Massey Ferguson Tractors

Here are some  tips for maintaining your Massey Ferguson tractor:

  • Conduct regular inspections for leaks, loose bolts, and worn-out parts.
  • Check and maintain proper fluid levels (engine oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid).
  • Clean or replace the air filter regularly.
  • Use high-quality fuel and keep the fuel system clean.
  • Ensure proper lubrication of moving parts.
  • Inspect and clean the radiator and cooling fins.
  • Keep the battery terminals clean and check the electrolyte level.
  • Inspect tires for damage, wear, and maintain proper tire pressure.
  • Check belts and hoses for wear and replace them as needed.
  • Read and follow the operator’s manual for maintenance schedules and guidelines.
  • Follow proper storage procedures if storing the tractor for an extended period.
  • Seek professional assistance when needed.

Advantages of Using Massey Ferguson Tractors in Pakistan

Massey Ferguson tractors are super helpful in Pakistan, especially for farmers. They have some excellent benefits that make farming more accessible and better. Let’s learn about them:

Strong and Tough:

Massey Ferguson tractors are built solid and rigid. They can handle challenging and bumpy terrains in Pakistan and keep going. These tractors are made with high-quality materials, lasting long, even in rough conditions.

Many Types to Choose From:

Massey Ferguson tractors come in different types and sizes. This means farmers in Pakistan can pick the tractor that suits their needs and the size of their farms. Whether they need to plow, plant seeds, harvest crops, or move things around, these tractors can do it all.

Save Fuel:

Fuel can cost a lot of money for farmers. But Massey Ferguson tractors are designed to use fuel efficiently. That means farmers can save money on fuel and still get much work done. These tractors have engines and systems that use less fuel but still work well.

Easy to Take Care Of:

Taking care of Massey Ferguson tractors is easy. They are designed to make it simple for farmers to do regular maintenance tasks. Plus, if anything goes wrong, there are lots of places in Pakistan where farmers can go to get help. They have special centers and stores where they can find spare parts and get expert help.


The cost of a Massey Ferguson tractor prices in Pakistan can change depending on the type of tractor, its power, its features, and how the market is doing. The prices for the fancier tractors can be around PKR 1,500,000 to PKR 5,500,000 or even more. The prices can also go up or down because of how the market is doing and the changing exchange rates. It’s a good idea to talk to authorized sellers or look at the official website for the most accurate and recent price information. Massey Ferguson tractors are perfect and valuable for farming in Pakistan, but people must consider what they need and explore their options before buying one.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Massey Ferguson tractors reliable and durable?

Yes, Massey Ferguson tractors are known for their reliability and durability.

What is the average price of a Massey Ferguson tractor in Pakistan?

The average price of a Massey Ferguson tractor in Pakistan is around 2.5 million Pakistani Rupees.

Can I negotiate the price of a Massey Ferguson tractor?

Yes, it is possible to negotiate the price of a Massey Ferguson tractor..

How can I find the nearest Massey Ferguson dealership?

To find the nearest Massey Ferguson dealership, you can visit the official Massey Ferguson website and use their dealer locator tool by entering your location information.

What financing options are available for purchasing a Massey Ferguson tractor?

Financing options for purchasing a Massey Ferguson tractor may vary depending on the country and specific dealership but typically include bank loans, leasing, and financing programs offered by dealers.

People Also Asked

What is the current price range of Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan?

The price range of Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan varies from PKR 1,000,000 to PKR 3,500,000.

Are there any price variations based on different models of Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan?

Yes, there are variations in prices based on different models of Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan.

What factors contribute to the price differences among Massey Ferguson tractors in the Pakistani market?

Engine power, features, attachments, and specifications influence price differences among Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan.

Can you estimate the starting price for a basic Massey Ferguson tractor model in Pakistan?

The starting price for a basic model of Massey Ferguson tractor in Pakistan is approximately PKR 1,000,000.

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