Belarus Tractor for Sale in Pakistan

Belarus Tractor for Sale in Pakistan

Belarus tractors are a reliable and affordable option for farmers in Pakistan. By searching for “Belarus Tractor for Sale in Pakistan” or “used tractor for sale in Pakistan,” you can easily find options that suit your needs and budget. This popular model is known for its exceptional durability and performance, making it a top choice for farmers in Pakistan. And the good news is you can easily find a Belarus Tractor 510 for sale in Pakistan at Agricomplex.

So why wait? However, it’s important to consider factors such as horsepower and terrain before purchasing. Proper maintenance is also crucial to ensure the longevity of your tractor, including checking and changing the oil, inspecting and replacing worn-out parts, and cleaning the air filter.

Why Belarus Tractors?


The exceptional durability of Belarus tractors is a significant factor in their popularity within Pakistan. These robust farm tractors are renowned for their ability to withstand demanding working conditions, providing farmers with long-lasting performance.


With sturdy transmission systems and potent engines, Belarus tractors offer exceptional performance for farming tasks such as plowing, tilling, and harvesting. The tractor’s horsepower is a critical factor determining its efficiency and overall performance, directly impacting its ability to handle various operations.


MTZ tractors’ excellent value for money has made them a popular choice for small and medium-sized farms and agricultural operations in Pakistan.

Types of Belarus Tractors and Models for Sale in Pakistan

Compact Tractors

The Belarus 320.4 is a versatile and compact tractor suitable for small-scale farming and gardening tasks. It boasts a 36-horsepower engine and can accommodate a range of attachments, including loaders and backhoes.

With its 50-horsepower engine, this compact tractor is well-suited for various farming activities. Ideal for medium-sized farms, it can be customized with various attachments, including front loaders and plows.

Boasting a powerful 60-horsepower engine, the Belarus 510 is a 4-wheel drive compact tractor perfect for heavy-duty tasks. It offers several optional attachments, including front loaders, backhoes, and mowers.

Utility Tractors

This utility tractor is designed for medium to large-scale farms and features a robust 81-horsepower engine. It can be customized with various attachments, including plows, seeders, and mowers, to accommodate different farming needs.

The Belarus 920 is a versatile utility tractor with a powerful 95-horsepower engine well-suited for large farms and commercial applications. It offers a range of optional attachments, including front loaders, balers, and sprayers, to enhance its capabilities.

Heavy-Duty Tractors

Designed for extensive agricultural and commercial operations, this heavy-duty tractor boasts a potent 110-horsepower engine. Its robust build and powerful engine makes it an excellent choice for large farms with demanding requirements.

The Belarus 1523 is a high-performance tractor featuring a powerful 155-horsepower engine, making it well-suited for the most demanding agricultural tasks. Its advanced features make it an excellent choice for large-scale farming.

Belarus Tractor Buying Guide

New vs Used

When considering purchasing a tractor for sale in Pakistan, it’s essential to determine whether a new or used model is the best fit for your needs. While new tractors offer reliability and a warranty, used tractors can be more affordable but may require additional maintenance and repairs.

Belarus Tractor Dealers In Pakistan
belarus tractor dealers in pakistan

Dealers and Sellers

Authorized Dealers

When buying a new Belarus tractor, authorized dealers are the ideal choice as they offer tractor spare parts in Pakistan, warranties, and after-sales support. They also provide assistance in buying affordable tractors in Pakistan.

Online Marketplaces

Several online marketplaces in Pakistan offer new and used farming machinery for sale, but it’s crucial to exercise caution and verify the seller’s credibility and the tractor’s condition before purchasing. Additionally, these marketplaces may provide options for imported tractors in Pakistan.

Local Classified ads

Checking local classified ads can be an additional resource for locating used Belarus tractors in Pakistan, but it’s crucial to inspect the tractor and verify its history before making a purchase. It’s also helpful to have access to tractor specs to find the most suitable model.

Belarus Tractor Maintenance

Pre-Purchase Inspection

When buying a used Belarus tractor, it’s essential to perform a comprehensive inspection to uncover any potential issues. The engine, transmission, hydraulics, and other critical systems are key to check.

Routine Maintenance

Proper maintenance is vital to optimizing the longevity and performance of your Belarus tractor. Adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and use authentic replacement parts for repairs.

Belarus tractor 510 for sale in Pakistan

With its impressive performance and affordability, the Belarus 510 tractor is becoming increasingly popular among Pakistani farmers. This versatile tractor can efficiently handle various agricultural tasks, thanks to its 57 HP diesel engine, 4WD, and 1600 kg hydraulic lift capacity. Available through dealerships and online platforms, the Belarus 510 for sale in Pakistan presents an excellent opportunity for farmers to upgrade their agricultural machinery and enhance their productivity.

Comparison of different models of Used and new Belarus Tractor for Sale in Pakistan

This table compares four different models of Belarus tractors for sale in Pakistan: the Belarus 510, Belarus 820, Belarus 952, and Belarus 1025. These models consider as Best tractors in Pakistan:

ModelBelarus 510Belarus 820Belarus 952Belarus 1025
Engine Power60 HP81 HP95 HP110 HP
Engine TypeDieselDieselDieselDiesel
No. of Cylinders4444
Transmissions202218F + 6R18F + 6R18F + 6R18F + 6R
Drive Type4WD4WD4WD4WD
Hydraulic Lift Capacity1600 kg3200 kg3500 kg4200 kg
PTO Speed (RPM)540/1000540/1000540/1000540/1000
Fuel Tank Capacity90 L130 L150 L170 L
Brake TypeDrumDrumDiscDisc

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan

ModelModel yearHPPrice in PKR
510 Simple2021604,800,000 (approax.)
510 Simple2022604,900,000 (approax.)
820 Simple2021815,700,000 (approax.)
Belarus 9522019956,800,000 (approax.)
Belarus 102520221107,800,000 (approax.)


Belarus tractors are great for Pakistani farmers. They last long, work well, and are affordable. You can pick the best one for your farming needs from many different models. Remember the buying guide and maintenance tips to ensure your tractor has served you well for years. Different Tractor auctions in Pakistan provide help to find agricultural machines.

Ready to experience the power and durability of the MTZ Belarus Tractor for yourself?

MTZ (Belarus) Tractor

Belarus 820 Tractor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the average price of a Belarus tractor in Pakistan?

Belarus tractor’s price in Pakistan depends on its model, age, and condition, ranging from PKR 1.5-3.5 million for new and PKR 500,000-2.5 million for use.

Are Belarus tractors fuel-efficient?

Fuel efficiency is a key aspect of Belarus tractors, although fuel consumption varies depending on the model, engine, and workload.

Can I use other brands’ attachments on a Belarus tractor?

Belarus tractors can work with attachments from different brands, but compatibility must be confirmed before purchasing any attachments.

How often should I service my Belarus tractor?

Perform routine maintenance tasks based on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule in the owner’s manual, typically every 100-200 operating hours.

Where can I find spare parts for Belarus tractors in Pakistan?

You can find spare parts for Belarus tractors at authorized dealers, online marketplaces, or specialized tractor parts shops in Pakistan.

People Also Asked (PAA):

The most common models of Belarus tractors in Pakistan include the Belarus 510, Belarus 820, Belarus 920, and Belarus 1025.

To find a reliable Belarus tractor dealer in Pakistan, search online or consult with local farmers and agricultural organizations for recommendations.

Yes, there are used Belarus tractor 510 for sale in Pakistan, and they can be found through online marketplaces, local dealers, or classified ads.

Tractor financing in Pakistan options for buying a Belarus tractor in Pakistan may vary depending on the dealer or financial institution, but some options include bank loans, leasing, and installment plans.

Spare parts for Belarus tractors in Pakistan can be found at authorized dealerships, online marketplaces, or specialized agricultural machinery stores.

One of the Mini tractors in Pakistan is Belarus 510 is a popular model for small-scale farming in Pakistan due to its compact size and lower horsepower.

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