Choosing A Corn Silage Harvester

Choosing A Corn Silage Harvester

A harvester is a piece of equipment that is used to harvest corn off the vine. It is a heavy-duty machine that has an arm that is designed to move the harvested corn from the vine to a processing area. The machine can also be used to separate wet and dry corn from the vine during storage.

This is accomplished by using a pressure valve to turn off the water supply when the harvested corn is ready for storage. The machine is powered by a gasoline engine or an electric motor.


There are some advantages and disadvantages to using a silage harvester. For instance, if you intend on making silage, you will need to harvest your own corn. You do not need to purchase corn from another source in order to make silage. In addition, it is much more efficient to use the corn from the local feedlot rather than purchasing corn from a processing facility since the local corn is much fresher.

Disadvantage of Using Machine

The main disadvantage of using a harvester is that you have to manually harvest the corn. This is a significant amount of time, especially if you are harvesting several rows at a time. However, this can be eliminated if you have a large machine.

An additional disadvantage is that the manual harvesting of the corn may cause the machine to break down, especially if you do not handle the machine properly.


It is important to know that silage is cooked differently than regular corn. While both are made from the same type of stem material, the cooking process is very different. Instead of boiling the stems in water, silage is cooked with a wood stove. Silage is also best cooked in hot oil or medium when compared to other types of foodstuffs. This is because oil contains a higher amount of calories when compared to other types of foodstuffs.


Also, the moisture level of silage is important. It is ideal to cook the silage in an area where there is a moderate amount of moisture. You should ensure that the place you choose for the silage fireplace is away from direct sunlight and heat. The moisture level also determines how long the silage will last. It is good to purchase a machine that has a five-year warranty since it is built to last. Additionally, it is a good idea to purchase a machine that comes with a guarantee.

Using of Harvester

When using a harvester to harvest your silage, it is important to follow the correct steps. There are specific procedures to follow when harvesting corn silage. It is also important to follow safety precautions when using the machinery. Some precautions to consider include the following:


If possible, choose a machine that is very quiet. This helps you focus on harvesting rather than the noise from the machine. Make sure that you have a clear work area near the machine and clear access to the machine. When using the machine, be sure to read the manual carefully. Be sure to follow all the directions and procedures outlined in the manual and warning signs.


It is also beneficial to buy a machine that comes with a feedhorn. Feedhorns are important for the machine. They allow you to ensure that the husks get completely wet. Before harvesting, make sure to put the feedhorn on the ground next to the machine. This will help the machine know where to place itself in order to harvest the husks.

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It is a good idea to consider purchasing a portable silage harvester. These are much more affordable than setting up and operating a large machine. Portable units are much easier to handle. Portable units have a lightweight design and are easy to carry around. You should also check to see if the silage harvester has a battery backup.


It is important to have the machine serviced after each use. This will ensure that the machine is working at its best. There should also be a warranty on the machine. In the case of a malfunction, the company will provide you with a repairman.


When choosing a silage harvester, it is important to consider your needs and budget. The decision should be based on how much work you want the machine to do and how much money you can spend. If you have the money, there are a number of high-quality machines to choose from. In addition, there are many different sizes to choose from. Take the time to check out the different types available.

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