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Location : Agricomplex Pakistan G.T Road, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan

vertical feed mixer wagon is agricultural machinery for mixing and distributing animal feed. It is commonly used in livestock farming, particularly for feeding cattle, sheep, and other animals. The designation “2 M6 to 2 M12” likely refers to the capacity or size range of the mixer wagon, but without further context or specifications, it is difficult to provide precise details.

Generally, a vertical feed mixer wagon consists of a large mixing chamber or tub, typically made of steel and mounted on a trailer or chassis. The mixer wagon is powered by a tractor or a different engine, which drives the mixing mechanism inside the tub. This mixing mechanism consists of rotating augers or blades that blend other feed ingredients effectively.

The primary purpose of a vertical feed mixer wagon is to ensure a homogeneous mixture of various components, such as hay, silage, grain, protein supplements, and minerals. By thoroughly mixing these ingredients, the mixer wagon helps optimise the feed’s nutritional balance and ensures that each animal receives a consistent diet.

The capacity of a vertical feed mixer wagon can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. It is typically measured in terms of the volume of feed it can hold, which is often expressed in cubic meters (m³) or cubic feet (ft³). The “2 M6 to 2 M12” specification you provided might refer to a range of capacities, but it is challenging to provide more specific details without additional information.

Vertical feed mixer wagons are designed to be efficient and convenient for farmers. They often feature adjustable discharge openings or chutes, distributing the feed directly into feeding troughs or bunks. Some models may also have weighing systems or digital controls to help farmers accurately measure and monitor how much feed is distributed.

Overall, vertical feed mixer wagons are an essential tool in modern livestock farming, as they help ensure the proper nutrition and health of animals by providing a well-mixed and balanced diet.

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Agricomplex Pakistan G.T Road, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan
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