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Make : Dairy Berry
Model : 2010
Year : 2023
Location : Agricomplex Pakistan G.T Road, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan

A 240cc milking claw cluster complete refers to a component used in dairy milking systems for cows. It is a specific type of milking claw cluster with a capacity of 240 cubic centimetres (cc).

The milking claw cluster is a key part of a milking machine that connects to the cow’s udder during the milking process. It is responsible for extracting milk from the cow’s udder and transporting it to the milk collection system.

The term “240cc” indicates the volume capacity of the milking claw cluster. This capacity refers to the amount of milk the group can hold before emptying or transferring to the milk collection system. The capacity may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of the milking system.

The milking claw cluster typically consists of several components, including a central chamber or claw that connects to the cow’s teats, individual milk tubes attached to each teat, and a pulsator system that regulates the milking process.

The cluster applies vacuum pressure to the cow’s teats, causing milk to flow from the udder into the cluster’s central chamber. The milk is then transported through the individual milk tubes to the collection system, where it can be further processed and stored.

A complete 240cc milking claw cluster would include all the necessary components, such as the claw, milk tubes, pulsator system, and any additional fittings or connectors required for installation.

The specific design and features of the 240cc milking claw cluster may vary depending on the manufacturer and the milking system it is intended for. However, its main function is efficiently and effectively extracting milk from cows during the milking process, ensuring a hygienic and productive operation.

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Agricomplex Pakistan G.T Road, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan
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