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Animal Feed

Animal Feed Description

At Agrithing animal feed, also known as feed for animals, is food provided to domestic livestock, particularly buffaloes, cows, goats, sheep and poultry. It may be grass hay, corn silage, meat, fish, poultry feed, etc. The meaning of feeding is “to nourish” animal feeds, the animal receives all the nutrients required by its body. There are two kinds: forage and fodder.

Used alone, the term feed less often refers to forage. Animal fodder is used in large quantities, compared to forage, which is the feed used by small animals. You can sell animal feed online or you can buy it in bulk from feed mills or farm stores. Feeding animals is an integral part of animal husbandry and contributes to the productivity of the farm. Forage is the raw material that the animals eat to survive. You may sell animal feed online or you can buy it from farm stores or farm stock auctions. There is no limit on the number of animals that you can feed, but the number of animals depends on how much you can earn from each one. If you plan to sell animal feed online, then you will need to do a bit of research to find out what is popular and hot selling item.

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