Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 (All Models List)

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 (All Models List)

Dear respected farmers! Are you currently looking for Belarus tractors in Pakistan that fit within your budget? Due to its advantages in agriculture, Belarus tractors have become the most popular choice amongst farmers in Pakistan. So in this article, we will discuss Belarus tractor prices in Pakistan along with their features, benefits, maintenance, and how to buy and sell them. Let’s explore the world of Belarus tractors and find the perfect match for your needs!

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What are Belarus tractors?

Belarus is a brand of tractors that originated in the former Soviet Union, specifically in Belarus. The tractors have been produced by Minsk Tractor Works since 1946. MKT is one of the largest tractor manufacturers in the world that produces more tractors and exports them to numerous countries, including Pakistan.

Belarus tractors have become a symbol of reliability and efficiency because of their sturdy design and powerful engines. Many models and variants of Belarus tractors are available in the market; therefore, it can be challenging to determine the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan. The article aims to provide complete knowledge about Belarus tractors in Pakistan.

List of Belarus Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2023

ModelModel yearHPPrice in PKR
80.1 A/C Cabin2021805,600,000
800 Special2021805,500,000
800 Simple2021805,400,000
820 Simple2021805,600,000
512 4WD2021705,400,000
510 Simple2021504,700,000
510 Simple2022504,900,000
Draft Control2021504,800,000
Draft Control2022504,900,000
Air Compressor2021504,900,000
Air Compressor2022505,000,000

Factors that Affect Belarus Tractor Prices in Pakistan

When thinking about buying a Belarus tractor in Pakistan, it’s essential to know what things can affect how much it costs. Let’s talk about these things to understand why the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan can be changed. Let’s discuss these factors.

Model & Specifications

The model and specifications of a Belarus tractor play a significant role because they determine the price. Different models offer varying levels of power, capacity, and advanced features. As the specifications increase, the price tends to rise accordingly. Tractors with higher horsepower, enhanced functionalities, and additional attachments cost more.

Availability and Demand

The Availability and Demand also affect the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan. If there is a high demand for Belarus tractors, it can drive the prices up. Conversely, when the demand is low, or the market is saturated, it may lead to competitive pricing and potential discounts.

Import Duties and Taxes

Import duties and taxes imposed by the government can significantly impact the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan. It can differ depending on the type of tractor and where it comes from. It’s essential to consider these extra costs when planning how much you can spend buying a Belarus tractor.

Currency Exchange Rates

Currency exchange rates can affect the imported Belarus tractors price in Pakistan. Suppose PKR is weak against the manufacturing country’s currency. In that case, it can lead to an increase in tractor prices to compensate for the currency exchange differences.

Dealer Margins and Logistics

Belarus tractor price in Pakistan can be changed due to authorized dealerships. These dealers incur various costs, including transportation, storage, marketing, and overhead. Therefore, this factor contributes to the final price of Belarus tractors.

Customization Features

Customization features have a huge effect on Belarus tractor price in Pakistan. Belarus tractors offer customization options and optional features to cater to specific customer requirements. These may include features such as air-conditioned cabins, GPS systems, advanced control panels, or specialized attachments. Opting for these additional features can significantly impact the final price of the tractor.

So, these are the significant factors that affect the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan. Keep these points in mind when budgeting for your Belarus tractor in Pakistan.

Famous Belarus Tractor Models Quality and Their Prices in Pakistan

In Pakistan, several models of Belarus tractors have gained popularity among farmers and agricultural businesses. Here are some popular Belarus tractor models commonly used in Pakistan:

Belarus 510

  1. Known for its versatility and power
  2. 50-60 HorsePower range
  3. Suitable for a wide range of agricultural tasks
  4. Good in plowing, tilling, and transporting goods
  5. A popular choice for small to medium-sized farms.
  6. Price ranges from Rs. 4,800,000 to Rs. 5,000,000.

572 Belarus

  1. Popular for heavy-duty operations
  2. 70-80 HorsePower range
  3. Effective in land preparation, sowing, and harvesting
  4. provides reliable performance in challenging field conditions.
  5. Price ranges from Rs. 5,200,000 to Rs. 5,7000,000.
Belarus 572

Belarus 820

  1. well-suited for larger farms
  2. 80-90 HorsePower range
  3. Effective demanding agricultural applications
  4. Higher pulling capacity
  5. Efficiently used for operating heavy machinery
  6. Price ranges from PKR 5,700,000 to 5,800,000.

920 Belarus

  1. Commonly used for intensive farming operations
  2. 90-100 HorsePower range
  3. Used for larger-scale land preparation
  4. Superbly perform in planting and harvesting.
  5. Robust performance and durability in demanding conditions.
  6. Price ranges from Rs. 7,000,000 to Rs. 7,500,000.
Belarus 920

Belarus 952

Belarus 952
  1. Increased strength and performance for heavy-duty tasks.
  2. 95-105 HorsePower range
  3. Commonly used for large-scale farming
  4. Good in field preparation, crop maintenance, and material handling.
  5. Price range from Rs. 8,000,000 to Rs. 8,200,000.

It’s important to note that availability may depend on Pakistan’s specific region and dealership networks. Farmers often choose Belarus tractors based on their power requirements, budget, and availability of spare parts. Remember after-sales support in their local area before buying any model of Belarus tractors.

Advantages of Using Belarus Tractors in Pakistan

Belarus tractor price in Pakistan may vary because they offer several advantages that make them popular for farmers and agricultural businesses. Here are some key advantages:

Robust Construction

  1. Built with sturdy and durable materials
  2. Ability to withstand challenging working conditions
  3. Longevity and reliability in Agricultural operations.

High Power and Torque

  1. High power output and torque
  2. Efficiently perform heavy-duty tasks
  3. Effective in plowing or pulling heavy loads
  4. Suitable for various agricultural applications.


  1. Belarus tractors are Versatile
  2. Handle a wide range of agricultural tasks
  3. Equipped with various attachments
  4. Implements help in different farming needs.

Simple and Easy to Operate

  1. User-friendly design
  2. Relatively easy to operate for all
  3. Straightforward control minimizes the learning
  4. Enabling efficient use in the field


  1. Most affordable tractors
  2. Durable and low maintenance requirements
  3. Cost-effective choice for farmers
  4. Optimize investment in agriculture.

Availability of Spare Parts

  1. Many years of global presence
  2. Good availability of spare parts
  3. Genuine parts are easily accessible
  4. Facilitate timely repairs and maintenance.

Above all advantages of Belarus tractors make them a reliable choice for farmers seeking efficient and dependable agricultural machinery.

How to Maintain Belarus Tractors

Maintaining a Belarus tractor is essential to ensure its optimal performance, longevity, and reliability. Here are some general guidelines for “how to maintain your Belarus tractor”:

Regular Cleaning

  1. Removing dirt, debris, and residue
  2. Regularly Wash the exterior
  3. Clean the engine compartment
  4. Prevent dirt build-up
  5. Preserve cooling and ventilation.

Check Fluid Levels

  1. maintain the levels of engine oil
  2. Check coolant and hydraulic fluid
  3. Follow recommendations for transmission fluid
  4. Ensure proper lubrication and cooling for smooth operation.

Change Filters

  1. Replace oil filters and fuel filters
  2. Change air filters at recommended intervals.
  3. Replace air filters in dusty environments to prevent engine damage.

Inspect Belts and Hoses

  1. Check the condition of belts and hoses
  2. Replace damaged or worn belts and hoses
  3. prevent failures if you see any wear, cracks, or leaks.

Battery Maintenance

  1. Keep the battery terminals clean and corrosion-free
  2. Check the battery’s electrolyte level regularly
  3. Make sure it’s properly charged
  4. Clean or replace the battery as needed.

Grease Moving Parts

  1. Lubricate the joints, pivot points, and linkage
  2. Use appropriate grease for lubrication
  3. Follow recommendations for lubrication frequency

Tire Maintenance

  1. Check tire pressure regularly
  2. Maintain the recommended inflation levels
  3. Inspect tires for wear, cuts, or damage
  4. Replace them if necessary
  5. Ensure good traction and prevent uneven wear.

Inspect Brakes and Clutch

  1. Periodically inspect the brakes and clutch system
  2. Adjust or worn brake pads and clutch
  3. Replace components if needed for efficient operation.

Electrical System

  1. Inspect the lights, switches, and wiring for any issues.
  2. Replace faulty bulbs and repair any wiring problems
  3. Ensure proper electrical function.

Follow Service Schedule

  1. Adhere to the recommended service schedule
  2. The schedule must be provided by the manufacturer
  3. Regularly service the tractor, including all parts
  4. Maintain tractor performance and reliability.

It’s important to refer to the Belarus tractor’s specific model and the manufacturer’s manual for detailed maintenance guidelines. Additionally, consult authorized service centers or experienced technicians for any specific maintenance requirements or troubleshooting.

Get the best deal to buy and sell Belarus tractors

Do you want to buy or sell your Belarus tractor in Pakistan? serves as a vital platform for buying and selling Belarus tractors. For farmers as well as business owners searching for reliable tractors, is here to assist you every step of the way.

Here we will explore the world of buying and selling Belarus tractors as well as Belarus tractor price in Pakistan. We will guide you through buying and selling and highlight the importance of using for your tractor provides a safe and reliable environment, ensuring buyers receive genuine Belarus tractors. At the same time, sellers connect with interested and qualified buyers.

How to buy a Belarus tractor

If you want to a tractor or any other agriculture, follow the given steps

Check the available listings

Explore our website’s “Belarus Tractors” section to view the currently listed tractors for sale.

Filter and refine your search

Utilize our search filters to narrow your options based on price range, location, model year, and specific features.

Review tractor details

Click on a listing to access comprehensive information about the tractor, including specifications, conditions, and any additional notes the seller provides.

Contact the seller

If you find a tractor of interest, contact the seller directly with the provided contact information. Discuss the details, negotiate the price if necessary, and ask relevant questions about the tractor.

Finalize the transaction

Once you and the seller have agreed upon the terms, arrange for payment and delivery of the tractor. Ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed for a smooth transaction.

How to Post Your Tractors for Sale

Suppose you have bought a tractor from Millat Tractors or Al Ghazi tractor and want to sell it. Therefore, provides you with a free opportunity to post your tractor for sale on our platform and get potential buyers. Follow the process to post your tractor for sale.

Create an account

If you haven’t already, register for an account on to gain access to the seller features

Click on the “Sell” button.

Find the designated area on our website to list your tractors for sale.

Provide detail information

Fill out the required fields, including the tractor’s make, model, year, condition, location, and specific features or modifications.

Upload photos

Capture high-quality images of your tractor and upload them to the listing. Include multiple angles and showcase any notable aspects or accessories.

Publish the listing

Review your listing for accuracy and completeness, then publish it on our website. Your tractor will be visible to potential buyers.

Respond to inquiries

Stay active on our platform and promptly respond to inquiries from interested buyers. Answer their questions, provide additional information, and negotiate the terms of the sale if necessary.

Finalize the transaction

Once you have found a buyer, arrange for payment and the tractor transfer. Ensure all necessary paperwork is completed for a smooth transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we use the Belarus tractor for high operation?

Yes, the higher horsepower of Belarus tractors effectively works in high operation.

Are availability and demand can affect the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan?

Yes, availability and demand can affect the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan. Higher demand and low availability can cause higher prices.

Can currency exchange rates affect the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan?

Yes, currency exchange rates can affect Belarus tractor price in Pakistan. Weakness of PKR may cause a higher rate.

Where can I buy and sell Belarus tractors in Pakistan?

Belarus tractors can be purchased and sold in Pakistan through various channels, including authorized dealerships, agricultural equipment suppliers, online marketplaces, and classified websites like

Is a trusted platform?

Yes, is the trusted platform for buying and selling. It has a safe and user-friendly mechanism.

Can I post my tractors for sale free of cost? is a free platform for farmers to buy and sell agricultural equipment. It doesn’t get any fee or commission.


Finally, Belarus tractors are popular in Pakistan due to their reliability and efficiency. Belarus tractor price in Pakistan vary depending on the model and specifications. Model, availability and demand, import duties and taxes, and currency exchange rates can affect the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan. Popular Belarus tractor models in Pakistan include the Belarus 510, 572, 820, 920, and 952.

Belarus tractors offer advantages such as robust construction, high power and torque, versatility, ease of operation, cost-effectiveness, and availability of spare parts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain your Belarus tractor. is a platform for buying and selling Belarus tractors in Pakistan. You can buy and sell tractors and all agricultural equipment on our platform.

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