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Corn Silage Harvesting, Baling, and Wrapping

Corn Silage Harvesting, Baling, and Wrapping

Plant Age

Corn silage is a supper animal feed and ready after the 70th to 90th day of planting silage plants. The best harvesting period can be judged by examining the maize milk line circle and considered to be ready when the process is in the center of maize grains. At this particular time, which arises between 70th to 90th day of sowing the plants, corn silage is in its best shape, full of nutrients, and ready for cattle and animal feeding.

There are two seasons of silage harvesting in a year, one starting in May and the other in September. Harvesting and preserving corn silage is a specialized process and should be done with utmost care. Cattle feeding corn silage is harvested, bale wrapped and kept with specialized silage harvester and bale wrapping silage machinery. In the following, we answer questions like how to pack hay, what is silage making machine price in Pakistan, or how silage packing machine for sale can be bought from authentic agricultural machinery dealers in Pakistan.

Harvesting of Corn Silage

New Holland FX series and Claas Jaguar are top-rated corn silage harvesters in Pakistan. Famous models of these brands are the New Holland FX series 28/38/40/375/450 and Claas 860/870, Claas Jaguar 860/840/870/890. Harvester silage making machine in actin can be seen in the linked video. Corn silage harvested in its best shape and plant age as described above now need to be packed by vacuum corn silage packing machine, the process of how to pack silage is described in the following.

Baling and Wrapping

There multiple silage packing machines are available in Pakistan.
40KG square silage baler by Agricomplex, 80KG silage baler China Made, 1000KG silage baler Gowiel LT Master, 1000KG silage baler Orkel and 1000KG silage baler Turkish Origin are currently in use and widely adopted silage making machines used nationwide in Pakistan.

Silage bag packing is also a prevalent method of silage packing, 40-80 KG Turkish silage bag machine is used for packing corn silage in bags. Corn silage wrapped with baling and wrapping machinery wrapped in silage wrapping film or packed in silage bags is now ready to be dispatched or stored.

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