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When it comes to investing in used farm machinery or other farming implements, Classified ads are the place to go for cheap tractor rims and other agricultural equipment. If you are new to farming, Classified ad sites such as Craig’s list make a good starting place for you to find the right equipment for your needs at the best price available. Whether you are looking for a top-of-the-line model or something cheaper that you can use on a part-time basis, Classified ad sites have it all. Some examples of Classified ad sites with agricultural equipment are Farmers Repo, Deal killer, Omenet magazine, Northwest dairy cow, farm, Omaha newspapers, St Louis post, and Koppen.

DESCRIPTION. A wide array of 24, 32, 36, and 38-inch tractor wheel rims ready to go in stock. Ready to mount with screws and bolts for easy installation. The rims are available in heavy-duty aluminum and steel tractor rims.

FEEDING. You can feed more fiber into a smaller spool by having larger diameter tractor wheel rims. With a larger diameter rim, you will be able to handle heavier loads because of the increased area of contact between the tire and the tractor tire. This will allow for more torque and speed, even with a smaller turning radius.

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