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Weeder harrow

Weeder harrow Description

Weeder Harrow is a machine which is manufactured by John Weider who has been a practicing welder for more than 50 years. He invented this machine to destroy the root system of weeds on lawns and to restore the land when it has been devastated by heavy rains, hailstorms, or crop rot. This machinery can be easily positioned with the help of cables and ropes and can be moved in any direction you want.

Weeder harrow is basically designed for the cultivation of agricultural lands destroying soil crust and weeds in fertilization of cereals, potato, corn, rape, etc., especially on small arable fields. This machine can also be used for landscape raking and leveling of soil, clearing of lawns, and sowing alfalfa. This machine helps to make the soil better and healthier, reduces costs, and at the same time increases productivity and yields. Weeder Harrow is the most important equipment in any modern Agriculture because it completely depends on it for the complete functioning of any type of Agriculture.

John Weider’s innovation of using yarn rope for the attachment of the frame has made this machine more efficient than any other similar machine. The rope is made up of various fibers and they are all strong and long-lasting, which enables the Weeder Harrow to perform its task for a long period of time without wearing out or damaging the machinery. It can be conveniently fixed in any direction according to your needs and at the same time, can be wound up or dismantled whenever required. The Weeder Harrow is available in many different sizes depending upon the requirements of the owner. This kind of machine is also available in different types of colors like red, blue, white, and black and can be easily installed for use in any field or arable lands destroying weeds.

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