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Wanda Description

Wanda/feed is edible food provided to domestic animals, most commonly cattle, to assist to gan bulk mass, animal milk, and in the process of animal husbandry. Wanda feed is divided into two broad categories: forage and fodder. Forage, or edible grasses and plants, is generally more common and used for animals than the second category, which is essentially dead forage of vegetation. Feeding the second class of animals other than cattle can aid in animal husbandry but is usually more economical.

Insects provide a rich source of organic protein in addition to providing nutrients and minerals to feed your farm animals. Because insects are natural prey animals, feeding them provides a means to hunt down other insects, resulting in fewer insects as a result of reduced levels of forage in your field. Some insects that are regularly fed to farm animals include carpenter ants, ground beetles, silverfishes, crickets, earthworms, house flies, bees, wasps, hornets, starlings, maggots, and bumblebees. It is important to feed these specific groups of insects to properly nourish your farm animals.

Agricultural by-products such as Wanda feeds are commonly utilized for making animal Wanda/feed for human consumption. In addition to human consumption, many industries sell by-products to create compost, fertilizer, soil additives, and the like. The by-products sold commercially do not meet the standards set by the government livestock assistance institutions of Pakistan. By-products from the animal feed are not regulated by federal safety acts but ruther provincial laws.

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