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Silage Description

Whether you are feeding livestock, pets, or horses and donkeys, you will find that there is an appropriate corn silage animal feed to meet your needs. If you are looking for the highest quality, healthiest corn to be used as feed for your livestock, you have to choose the feed grade that is right for you. The main silage animal feed types that you will find are separated into two categories based on the processing procedures used in order to create them. These are; wet corn silage and dry corn silage.

The first of these animal feeds, the wet crop corn silage is created through wet grinding of the corn following a long soak in liquids and water solution. Once the raw material has been completely processed, it is then ground again until it becomes a powder form and then once more mixed with water and dried. The main advantage to this particular packaging type is that it produces high-quality silica particles that are ideal for making corn grit that is used for cooking. It is also a very good choice for animal feed when you consider that the product can be purchased in large quantities and at relatively cheap prices, especially when you consider that the particle size is high.

The other main feed grade that you will find in specialized production is the half-dry form of corn silage. This cattle feeding silage packaging type comes from the corn after the berries have been removed. What you will notice about this specific packaging type is that the dry husks are easily identifiable. They are large in size and are often referred to as popcorn corn by consumers. Once the husks are removed, they are allowed to dry and the particles then become powder. The advantage of this animal feeding silage packaging type is that the corn has already been processed and is ready to be marketed to consumers.

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