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Power Harrow

Power Harrow Description

The inter-row electric power harrow is an agricultural machine made to function under high tension, specifically for cases where vine plants are extremely close together (generally min. 60 cm). Thanks to its unique attributes and excellent sturdiness, the electric power harrow can be built even with just one tube gear which ensures strength on a tall structure, so light; even the blades are made of just a single sheet of steel for strength and durability. Even though this machine is quite basic when it comes to performance, the price is quite reasonable especially in comparison to other machines in its category. This is also the perfect machine to use for vine trimming vine weeding and harvesting.

With the use of this machine, you will be able to divide large fields into many smaller ones. You can even control the direction of the rotary Harrow by using the provided remote controls. In addition to that, power harrows usually feature safety features such as pressure switches that stop the blades from spinning at high speeds and even gears that reduce or increase the speed of the blades in response to the weight of the brush. All the Power Harrow’s gearboxes are also lightweight to allow ease of transportation.

The main drive train of the power harrow is an electronically powered gearbox rotor that contains fourteen teeth. The rotor speed can be controlled with the help of remote controls. Although the power harrow has been designed with a high degree of functionality and durability, it is also highly efficient. Its efficiency level is measured in terms of fuel consumption per horsepower-hour, which is nearly three times more than that of most standard agricultural vehicles. Despite this fact, most Power Harrow distributors still provide a two-year warranty for the transmission system, as well as an extended warranty for the drive belts.