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Livestock Equipment & Parts

Livestock Equipment & Parts Description

The Livestock Equipment Loan Program was designed to assist farmers with the cost of purchasing livestock-related machinery. These programs were established in an effort to promote rural development and the improvement of agricultural trade. Farmers who are in need of these types of loans can apply for them at any financial institution that offers such loans. These loans are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the distressed farmer and are usually backed by a reasonable interest rate.

Most loans available are based on the size of the loan and are usually up to ten thousand dollars. The Livestock Equipment Loan Program assists in meeting the needs of the rural poor through the purchase of livestock equipment. Loans can be used for the purchase of feeders, pens, stalls, chicken runs, crates, fencing, and other livestock equipment that are needed for feeding and raising cattle, sheep, goats, ostriches, and poultry. Applications for these types of loans may require detailed descriptions of the property to be mortgaged, the amount needed, the interest rates to be charged, and the anticipated repayment period.

Livestock Equipment Loan Programs are available in many forms to finance specific farm operations. In order to qualify for the funding, farmers must be able to demonstrate that they will use the funds to purchase new livestock and will make the necessary repairs and improvements to their current property during the anticipated loan term. There are also special programs that provide revenue share financing and those that provide extension credit. Most importantly, the banks review the application to determine if the applicant qualifies for assistance and if so, what type of assistance is available and how much is the program worth. An experienced rural lender can assist with finding the appropriate program to meet your needs.

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