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Large Square Baler

Large Square Baler Description

The new Case IH large square baler is compatible with open-low, close-close, and enclosed load sensing hydraulic systems and requires no daily upkeep. When the baler reaches maximum capacity, the automatic bales are effortlessly ejected off the deck onto the conveyor belt and ready to be handled. This convenient and easy to operate baler comes with a heavy-duty Class A lifting column that can be used to raise or lower bales and a heavy-duty pallet jack. This versatile baler comes with three bucket loading speeds and each is equipped with individually controlled magnetic brake injection and magnetic leveling needles for maximum versatility.

The high-density compact square bale density model of the baler has an aluminum deck, an open center channel, and a high-density polyethylene coating to improve drying times. With an open center channel, the large square baler has the ability to quickly respond to changes in temperature. The open center channel and high-density polyethylene layer increase drying time while decreasing air agitation. The compact bales have a low bale density which helps them handle moisture better.

The Large square baler large square bale is another compact model that comes in both open or closed loading configurations. Like the large square baler, the Baler Pro features a variable speed electric fan that enables quick temperature changes and also reduces moisture evaporation. It has an aluminum frame and a dual roller disc system to reduce roller wear. This system provides smooth, quiet operation and high bale density. The compact bales weigh 2.5 pounds for a full capacity of twenty-two-inch hoses.

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