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Harvesting Equipment

Harvesting Equipment Description

Harvesting equipment and other farm inputs are not meant to be stand-alone machines. They need periodic upkeep to perform at peak efficiency. The question then becomes, “What types of Harvesting Equipment and how should they be maintained?”

For example, if we are considering both crop rotation and soil aeration, both must be performed with appropriate amounts of labor and techniques, both of which require a good deal of attention to detail and care. In crop rotation, for example, the rows of harvested seeds are often stacked in an order to maximize throughput. Soil aeration increases nutrient availability and enhances plant growth. While both are critical to good farming, only soil aeration can directly benefit the production of crops. The harvested seed must be returned to the earth’s surface to germinate and begin the next generation of plants; however, aeration increases the availability of soil for future harvests by adding the free, ionized energy that is required for plant photosynthesis.

Some harvesters may rotate the harvested crops in order to distribute the harvest over a larger area (land) and/or improve upon yield through soil aeration. This is an excellent strategy; however, only if the rotation is done properly and as scheduled. If this is not done properly, the result can be soil that has lost its vitality, becomes compacted, and is more difficult to manage through the use of agricultural farming equipment. On the flip side, if the rotation is not performed correctly, the result can be soil that is extremely compacted, yet still very uneven in shape. Harvesting equipment is designed to be used over a long period of time, and a good rotation schedule is imperative if one is to have an efficient and effective piece of equipment to perform the multiple tasks involved in such a practice.

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