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Disc, Tine & Tillage

Disc, Tine & Tillage Description

Disc Tine and Tillage equipment are in much demand for many reasons. The main reason is that the equipment itself, whether it be tractors, tillage equipment, or other machinery, is extremely useful in farming. Some other reasons for its popularity are that it is easy to use, requires very little maintenance, and can often help increase yields. Now due to the development of free agricultural classified ad posting web portal “Agrithig”, the buying and selling of such equipment have become easy and efficient.

Disc Tine and Tillage equipment can be an excellent bargain on today’s used tillage equipment market. Because of the transportation problem (winging needs to be removed for easy loading), most used tillage equipment tends to be sold locally, saving on shipping costs. The exception, of course, is deep-fat tillage equipment, which has gained in popularity as more interest in this practice grows. No matter what type of tillage equipment you need, there are some questions you should ask before buying:

As an experienced farmer will tell you, the largest expense in a typical farm is time. New tillage equipment needs to be purchased and used tillage equipment needs to be kept up to date to perform at its best. A good way to save money on your equipment purchases is to research the variety of models available, including attachments, and decide which attachments your need the most. Another way to save money on your equipment purchases is to buy used tillage equipment, which often has nearly or completely been used with minimal repair work needed. If possible, try to locate a farm where the previous owner(s) have left documentation outlining the maintenance done, so you can go by that history when you purchase new equipment.

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